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Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

There are quite a number of female bodybuilders who look fantastic. There is nothing wrong with a woman who loves to pump iron. There are plenty of female bodybuilders who do have larger muscles than myself most guys I know, but who rock it, and look hot. Admittedly, however, while writing this I did find myself imagining how many cases of beer some of these ladies could carry around for me. Here is a list of the top 10 wicked hot female body builders. If any lifters out there disagree with list membership or ranking, put down the protein shake and let it be heard in the comments section. Enjoy, lads.

Wendy Lindquist

Wendy Lindquist Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Prior to her career in bodybuilding, this native of British Columbia, arguably the nicest province in Canada, was a gymnast and dancer. She works as a fitness model and has been competing in bodybuilding competitions since 2001. If I only saw her face, I’d think she’s really cute, but seeing the abs, pipes and legs, I’m comfortable saying that this 5’3 blond cutie could probably throw me through a cinderblock wall. A fate with which I would be pretty happy.

Jennifer Broomfield

Jennifer Broomfield Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

A binder or list of women is never truly complete without a redhead. In fact, nothing is complete until there is a redhead present. According to an interview with her, she has always been athletic and everyone in her family has always been muscular, so in her mind, weight training and bodybuilding were obvious choices. She started bodybuilding while still a teenager back in 2002. Did I mention she is a cute redhead? I really can’t stress that enough.

Heidi Vuorela

Heidi Vuorela Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

Enough ranting and raving about redheads, time for another blonde; a Scandinavian one at that. Swedish bodybuilder Heidi Vuorela has been competing for a few years and when she isn’t training for her next competition, she, like many other bodybuilders, works as a personal trainer. I imagine, given that the only reason I go to the gym is because I like beer and chicken wings and don’t want to degenerate into a tub of goo, that having a bodybuilder as a personal trainer would be somewhat nightmarish. But aside from that, she is an absolute fox!

Jennifer Rish

Jennifer Rish Sexiest Female Bodybuilders

California native Jennifer Rish is a woman who apparently likes to keep busy. In her late teens and into her 20s she was a kick boxer and briefly a gymnast. These days however, she divides her time between fitness modelling, competing and working as a nurse. Does anybody remember The Ultimate Fighter 8 finalist Phillipe Nover? He was an awesome fighter to watch, and called himself the toughest nurse in the world. I have to wonder if Rish would be able to break him in half. By the way, whoa, those calves.

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