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Fan: The Game

 Shah Rukh Khan's bollywood movie "Fan" will have an official game called "Fan: The Game"

Shah Rukh Khan bollywood movie "Fan" will have an official game called "Fan: The Game"

Good news for Shah Rukh Khan fans! Khan’s a lot of anticipated Bollywood film ‘Fan’ is currently created into a game named. “Fan: The Game” because it is termed, the sport is a couple of fan’s challenge to attach to his favorite sensation through connections, that is sort of just like the film’s plot.

Yash raj Films and 99games collaborated along for the event of this game.

“We take our job of entertaining our audience very seriously. whether it’s a cinema screen or the mobile screen, the audience engagement matrix is our big priority. With 99Games and in particular with Rohith, we have realised that we have a common approach to business – audience centric. And as a natural progression of any good relationship, we are very thrilled to launch our product ‘FAN: The Game’ in partnership with them. we believe that the gamers will really enjoy the gameplay that boasts of multiple levels and offers the opportunity to collect exciting gratifications.”- stated Manan Mehta, Vice-President of selling and Merchandise,Yash raj Films.

“After the outstanding success of ‘Dhoom: 3’ the sport, with unimaginable player reviews and feedback from over twenty million downloads, we have a tendency to area unit excited to figure over again with Yash rule Films to make a stellar mobile game for YRF’s sovereign Rukh Khan starrer, FAN. the sport can have avenues for players to attach with the sensation and an opportunity to return face-to-face with their idol in real world,”- Rohit Bhat, corporate executive of 99games plumbed promising.

As additional and additional customers are going to be on the lookout for nice native content, we'll still push our boundaries to make prime quality amusive games. operating closely with YRF are going to be a part of that strategy,”- he superimposed.