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Raees vs Kaabil

Raees vs Kaabil

Raees vs Kaabil User Reviews
Raees vs Kaabil

Raees movie summary

Raees is set in the early 80's and 90's in Gujarat, India. It is a fictitious story of a man, Raees, who builds an entire empire from the scratch. It's a story about his rise and his relationships, which help him become the single most powerful man in the state.

Less of a gangster but more of an impresario, Raees gains popularity and trust through his sharp, entrepreneurial and ruthless business mind. His unfettered determination, guided by a heart of gold, earns him a cult following. His character encapsulates a distinct and unique blend of personas, making him revered, loved and feared.

Always thinking ahead of the curve and using revolutionary ideas of management which were unheard of during his time, but are now doctrines for students, Raees eliminates every opposition that comes his way. However, his downfall will be crossing paths with the no-nonsense police officer Majmudar, whose sole reason for existence is the elimination of crime.

What ensues next is a tumultuous battle between the two, forming a key defining element of the film's narrative.


Shah Rukh Khan
Nawazuddin Sidiqqui
Mahira Khan
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub

Raees Movie - Public Review Online

fantastic movie source

completely pack this movie of love, romance,action,friendship. after a long time i watch this tipe of movie.completely paisa basul movie. if intrest to watch a film which has all tipe of drama,this is the movie

Raees source

Amazing movie! The dialogues are whistle-worthy! The movie is very interesting from a business person's point of view. Also the film gives us a lesson in how not to be as a person even if you do some good.

awesome movie source

superb movie not even a single word to say awesome movie the ending was upper than infinity . and the role done by shahrukh khan was awesome what an acting sir we appreciate you.

mind-blowing acting source

SRK back in his old negative role...deadly one...Nawaz rocks again...Mahira admiring...Nd Zeeshan with a solid supporting role...a full entertainer ...paisa vasool...Nd not at all booring... atleast go for Laila😍

Speechless source

it's the best movie of Bollywood till this date..and SRK has done a marvelous role in it he's always loved when he plays a baddie but this time he won everybody's heart with this look of his it's a complete action packed thriller n romantic movie it can be watched with friends family or your lover...ITS A MUST WATCH MOVIE DONT MISS IT FOR ANYTHING

LEGEND source

the story of suspense for us from year 2015 is now we can see in theatre and it's the movie of KING KHAN so we will have to watch this grateful romantic action thriller movie which is a super block buster

Kaabil movie summary

Rohan, 31, is a dubbing artist. His days are spent in the studio, nights at home. In today's complex world, Rohan is a simple man with one dream -- to lead a normal life and in time, to find someone with whom he can build a happy home. His journey leads him to meet the independent and level-headed Supriya.

It's love at first sight for Rohan. He wins her over with his honesty and optimism. The two discover happiness, laughter and passion. Supriya becomes his life and her happiness becomes more important than his own. Love gives them a fairytale and the two get married. Together, they begin to build the world of their dreams. Together, they believe they can achieve anything. Until one fateful day, changes it all...

The grave tragedy leaves Rohan isolated and completely in the dark. In his quest for answers, Rohan stumbles upon the devastating truth of what really happened that compelled Supriya to leave him all alone. And why.

Driven by his loss, rage and his undying love for Supriya, Rohan is propelled into a no holds barred battle of strength and wit against the powerful people responsible for destroying his perfect life.

Now, nothing will stop him from achieving his goal, not even the fact that he is BLIND since birth.


Hrithik Roshan

Yami Gautam

Girish Kulkarni

Ronit Roy

Kaabil Movie - Public Review Online

Disappointed and Disappointment source
It is very sad to see how bollywood lost his charm and charisma in 2017. When I went to see this movie with my friends I was very excited so were my friends but as soon we all headed towards the Audi 2 I gotta feelings that please dont turned out a falut movie :( , guess what? every seconds which were supposed to be thrilling and excitement it turned out boring and predictable instead of watching the movie I got distracted not only me even my friends then someone said Sanjay Gupta director hai at that very moment I ordered snacks coffee chocolates just to keep myself busy I started eating and told my friends PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS KAABIL it will increase YOUR BILL it's a wastee DO NOT WATCH IT

Bakwaasss..... source

Faltu sa film.. same concept... millions of films r there with exact story... Pura paisa gaya Pani meh... Hrithik was good but when the story don't have any new topic.. that film is total of waste

Nothing New source

This movie which is directed by Sanjay Gupta one who is known for copying korean movies had done a similar job in this movie as well. Movie is a copy paste of 'Broken' the korean version. There is nothing new to see in this movie too much of manipulation done by the director. Yami gautam is just doing a guest appearance nothing else. Most of the scenes reminded me of Koi mil gaya and the dialogue delivery of Hrithik in this movie is still remind of Koi mil gaya, Krishh. The only good thing is Ronit Roy. nnI would recommend : DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY nadvice to Sanjay Gupta: DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL nnThank you!

over hyped source

Flop movie totally waste of time and money. I would recommend do not waste your money and time on this. Totally crap movie nothing new typical overrated stuff

Very boaring movie ! source

I am not his hater ! i like hrithik and also srk but yesterday i saw raees it was full fun watching it ! my family too loved it but today i went to watch kaabil with my friends they too said it was so boaring ! it is film only for couples ! if u want to enjoy then watch raees !

too very much exaggerated! source

I wonder how people gave this much high rating for the movie. I have seen blind people performing extraordinarily in real lives and had gone awestruck. But is the height of exaggeration! why did hrithik choose this one? is the question.

boring movie source

just repetitive love story...fake experssion...waste of money after watch...i recommend go for raees...quite better than kaabil. full on masti..emotion...kaabil has boring content...

Raees 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Kaabil 🌟🌟